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  • "Simply put, the Davis therapy including the NOIT has allowed us to meet our son for the very first time. He has been on medication for his ADHD since preschool to help him to f..."
    Client James's mum
    I finally met my own son
  • "After a week of concepts at the Holiday Retreat on the Central Coast, James returned home to Perth and I got this email from his mum, 2 days later: Dear Barbara, thank you... t..."
    21-year old Asperger man
    Want to make the Basketball team and get a grant to study in USA
Making sense of Autism

Having grown up with no speech and being labelled a 'Retard', Ron Davis gives us first hand knowledge of what it is like to live in this world as an Autistic Individual. He describes what  lies within the Autistic field of existance, he refers to as the 'void' and brings us incredible insight into what is possible for Autistic Individuals.

Following is an excerpt from this phenomenal man who has brought so many blessings into the lives of so many Individuals and families world wide . . . 

An introduction from Ron Davis

Before I introduce you to my ideas I should provide a historical overview of how I came to my perspective. My mother told me that, as an infant, in 1942, I was called a Kanner’s baby. Doctor Leo Kanner coined the term autism in 1943. I think this is why I was never actually labeled autistic; I’m older than the use of the word, but not older than the research done by Dr. Kanner.

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Watch and listen to Ron's heartwrenching story of how he rose above the 'system' who categorised him  as having the intelligance of a chimpanzee. Incredible and inspiring insight into Autism and Dyslexia, derived from a lifetime of experiences living as a corrected Autistic Individual.


In The Beginning (with Ron )


Question Everything - with Ron


The Complete Programme

Ron says  . .

'Once my identity began to develop and my memory began, my primary desire in life was to become a real human being. I could see that others were something that I wasn’t. My primary task, from the beginning, was to find a way that would allow me to be “normal,” or at least appear to be. If I could find my own way through this chaos and if I could provide a “map” for others of my kind to follow, then there would be value in my existence. The Davis Autism Approach is my best effort at providing that map'.

Here's Ron's  'Map': The  'Davis Autism Approach'

We offer this complete program Ron has developed after years of research and study programs he ran. It is designed to make use of the autistic child's full potential, offering a variety of effective, proven strategies which assist in helping your child to work in a calm and organised manner, functioning at their peak. I invite you to call or email me and help your child to start to evolve and fully participate in life.

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