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Hyperlexia and Autism

Posted by on December 13, 2012 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (2327)

What an interesting week I had with a lovely 15-year old boy - Autistic & Hyperlexic.

Had a discussion with his mum: "I prefer he was labelled "Hyperlexic". They show many of the symptoms of Autism - but  Hyperlexia can be helped, the Autistic label seems to stick"

I had more the impression that every Autistic person shows a different aspect of the genius/disability of Autism. Hyperlexia is one of the many facets. Like most others parts of the puzzle, there is a way to solve them.

What do you think?

The boy I worked with - being Hyperlexic - was reading perfectly, as far as decoding words go. However, the comprehension was very limited. For one week, we implemented tools of focus, attention, individuation and an energy dial to slow down the reading and add the meaning. 

So many things have changed, gradually the words start to become pictures, instead of confusing symbols. Wonderful to see.

It's a credit to the mum that she had already achieved much of the ground work, as H. showed great focus already and had mastered his frustration and other issues prior to seeing me.

I loved this week! Tomorrow they will return to Perth!


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